May 10, 2024

2 thoughts on “MP Belagavi Mangal S Angadi conducts cooperative Aerodrome Advisory Committee meeting at Belagavi Airport | DEC-2022

  1. Many important point to be noticed is as follows:
    1-Hindon ( Ghaziabad) flight may
    be made via Belgaum.
    2-The Indigo flight from Delhi-
    Hubli-Delhi be made via
    3- Flights to Chennai ,Mysore ,
    Cuddapah, Mumbai,Pune from
    Belgaum are very much
    4-Flights to Varanasi ( Kashi,,)
    are essential for Kashi Yatris
    5- Flights to Gaya from Belgaum
    are very much required
    during pitrupaksh season.
    The above routes are viable and one cannot understand why Belgaum City is getting step motherly treatment.

    1. Restoration of Delhi Flight is on a war footing and all the Officials are striving Hard for the resumption of Delhi Flight. Also, the Varanasi sector too is under key consideration.

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