May 7, 2024

2 thoughts on “Belagavi Airport Records 12.17% Increase in Passenger Traffic in March 2023

  1. First of all it is not understood that:
    1-Why Spicejet withdrew the
    Flights from Belgaum Airport
    to Delhi inspite of heavy traffic
    2-What is the Approximate date
    of Commencing of Belgaum to
    Delhi flight.
    3-There are two flight operators
    from Hubli :-Hubli
    to Delhi ( IGI Airport) and the
    other one from Hubli to
    It is not understood why
    Two flights are required.
    4-There is a good passenger load
    from Belgaum to Mysore,
    Chennai,Cuddapah.Its not
    Known why Trujet has
    Stopped suddenly.
    Why this sector is not given
    to some other carrier.

    1. 1. Spicejet withdrew due to a shortage of fleet and financial overburden.
      2. Unable to comment as Spicjet is still holding the slots for IXG-DEL even in the Summer schedule. Although many operators except for Indigo have generated interest in IXG-DEL Sector. Positive Development on this will be out soon Belagavi News and Core Development group is working on it.
      3. Hindon-Hubli by Star Air is now permanently canceled.
      4. Trujet was unable to pay to the lesser, fees of leased Aircraft, thus Trujet financially succumbed. Mysore/Cuddapah was under UDAN Slots, UDAN timeline is over thus no airline is currently interested in the sector.

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