May 8, 2024

MLA Abhay Patil visits The Integrated Command and Control Centre, Belagavi Smart City Limited.

Shri Abhay Patil, Member of Legislative Assembly Karnataka State, Belagavi South Constituency visited the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC Belagavi Smart City Limited).
He reviewed & chaired meetings with various departments of the center.
Department Notably, Belagavi Traffic Police, Belagavi Karnataka Fire & Rescue Service, Karnataka Urban Water Supply, Regional Transport Office, and North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation.
He assessed and made sure that the command center effectively monitor all the services provided to the citizens of Belagavi.

Called as the “nerve center” for operations management, daily exception handling, and disaster management is the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC).

The Integrated Command and Control Centers are envisioned as the central nervous system for managing disasters, handling exceptions, and municipal operations. Real-time data from a variety of utilities, including water, waste management, electricity, mobility, the built environment, education, healthcare, and safety, will be captured and generated by the sensors and edge devices.By consuming data feeds from various data sources and processing information from the data sets, the ICCC platform will serve as a decision support system (DSS) for the city administration to respond to real-time events.