Two Truck Terminals at the Entrances of Belagavi City

After restricting heavy vehicles from entering the city of Belagavi, the district administration is now planning to construct truck terminals at two major entrances of the city.

Nine locations were inspected by the Regional Transport Department and various officials. As a result, two major entrances will have truck terminals constructed. These restrictions on heavy vehicles are to limit the number of accidents that happen in the city.

When transporting heavy vehicles, you need to use truck terminals. In 2006, there was a proposal to construct two truck terminals in Belagavi. A proposal in this regard was sent to the Truck Terminal Department of the state government as well as fixed places were Kakati and Desur. However, the proposal never moved forward.

With the creation of Truck Terminals, it will be possible to park heavy vehicles. Major cities in the state have these terminals and at those places, snacks, food, and other facilities are provided to truck drivers and cleaners at moderate prices.



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