MLA Abhay Patil Launches Electric Footboard scooters in Belagavi

Traffic Problems that exist in Belagavi City can be solved with electric footboard scooters, which are a fast and simple way to commute.

The Belagavi South MLA Abhay Patil has introduced this innovative piece of technology to the public. This e-scooter will be used by the public for the first time ever in India.

In the coming time, there will be a total of 50 e-scooters put into use. There are currently 25 e-scooters running and 25 more are set to be introduced.

This will solve pertaining traffic issues in the city as well as ease parking congestion and will reduce pollution as well.

These electric footboard scooter has also been successfully tested by Abhay Patil himself.  This idea is going to be welcomed by the people of Belagavi.

MLA Abhay Patil testing E-scooter

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