Unresvered Express' between Miraj Jn, Belagavi, Londa Jn, and Castle Rock Resume after 2 years of Suspension.

After being suspended for 2 years, Finally after the Efforts of MP Iranna Kaddidi & MP Mangala Angadi and as Requested by locals Unreserved Express/Passenger between Miraj – Belagavi – Londa – Castle Rock resumed a few days back.
Also, Passenger Trains are now Unreserved Express’ to maintain speed, Zero timetables,s and adhere Gati Shakti Model.
Ministry of Railways, Railway Board, and Rail Minister Ashwini Vaishnav also played a keen role in restoring the Pre-Covid Era Trains.

SSS Hubli Jn – Miraj Jn Unreserved Express. 

17332 Hubli Miraj Express

Now 3 pairs of Trains,

  • Miraj – Hubballi – Miraj 17331/32
  • Miraj – Londa – Miraj 07531/07352
  • Miraj – Castle Rock – Miraj 17333/34

Each with Rake Sharing Agreement run in the Miraj – Belagavi – Londa Section.

The initial run was greeted by a huge crowd at Belagavi Railway Station and an Ethenic, customary holy Pooja was performed by Citizens, Railfans of Belagavi.

it wdm3d

↑↑↑Itarsi WDM-3D encrusted with Garlands which hauled the New relaunched Unreserved Express ↑↑↑

Here is the Timetable for all the trains
mrj 1
mrj 2

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