Weekly Express to Rameshwaram soon from Belagavi.

North Western Railways Jaipur, has identified various zonal trains for Introduction, Extensions & Increase in frequency.

As per the notification, around 40 trains would see the change.

One such change which affects Belagavi is Train No 22497/98 Sri Ganganagar – Tiruchirapalli Humsafar Express which passes via Belagavi.
This train is now scheduled to Extend to Ferozpur Cantonment (In Punjab) from Sri Ganganagar and to Rameshwaram from Tiruchirapalli.
Thus, citizens of Belagavi will have a weekly Humsafar Express Train to Rameshwaram.
Also, beneficial for the Soldiers, Military men to get to Ferozpur (Indo-Pak Border).
The date of Extension is yet to be notified.
But the above information is confirmed.
We Thanks North Western Railways for the Service and Extension.

Scheduled Timetable will be shared once it’s updated.

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