Sub Section doubling & Electrification Updates between Gunji and Khanapur.

The doubling of rail tracks in the Londa Miraj section via Belagavi is in full swing. It is one of the key and essential routes of the South Western Railway and part of the Pune Bengaluru Mainline.
The contractors are working day/night to ensure the completion of the project slated before 2023.


Gunji – Khanapur section between Londa and Belagavi has seen significant progress in doubling, where 90% of work is completed which is Land Leveling, Ballast Laying (stones), concrete sleeper placement & track laying.
Side by side we can also notice Gantry & Electric Poles with Brackets installed.
The rest of the section has only seen land leveling up to date.
While entering Khanapur from Gunji’s side, the bigger Outer curve has only Ballast laid as of now, and a new Outer Signal with Branch Lines indicator is placed.

Images from the Gunji Khanapur sub section.

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